Turkish Airlines has finalised its agreement to take up to 95 Boeing 737 twinjets, the firm part of which comprises 70 aircraft including 50 of the re-engined Max family.

The Istanbul-based carrier is ordering 40 of the Max 8 plus 10 Max 9s. These are exclusively powered by CFM International Leap-1B engines.

Turkish Airlines is also taking 20 737-800s, which are powered by CFM56s.

Boeing confirms the order has been finalised and includes options on another 25 737 Max 8s.

"Turkish Airlines is a global airline, serving the most countries worldwide and we are building the strongest network in the world," says Turkish chief Temel Kotil.

"Our long-standing partnership with Boeing is one of the key factors behind the success of Turkish Airlines."

Turkish Airlines' deal takes the number of 737 Max orders to 1,285.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news