Turkish Technic is working towards securing a solid foothold in Russia as part of a strategy to expand its business beyond Turkey.

The company carries out maintenance checks on several aircraft operated by Russian customers on a sporadic basis but is keen to increase these operations.

Speaking at a presentation in Moscow, general manager Ismail Demir said that Turkish Technic had already negotiated to this end with S7 Airlines, SkyExpress and Orenair.

"We're prepared to consider various forms for co-operation but in the longer-term we want to establish a presence complete with a local facility of our own. It will be more convenient than ferrying aircraft to Turkey," says Demir.

"There are some obstacles to accessing this market but we hope to overcome them together with partners. We're studying specifics, in particular Russian customs legislation."

The former Turkish Airlines MRO division has grown its share of third-party business to 25% from 10% since becoming a separate, independent unit several years ago.

Demir expects this to rise to 50% by 2015 on the back of demand for MRO services, especially in neighbouring countries.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news