It might appear to be an unlikely scenario, but there's a company exhibiting at the show which is basing one of its products on a turtle.

German manufacturer Mannes-mann Rexroth is showcasing its Turtle weapon shelter which uses camouflage as its principal feature in protecting missile pods.

The simple analogy behind the product is that, just as a turtle retreats into its shell, so do the missiles as they become encased within the shelter via a hydraulic platform.

The platform itself can be configured to carry both Patriot and Hawk surface-to-air missiles.


The working model on show here at Dubai for the first time is the initial prototype for the system which the company believes can make a big impact in the field of weapons protection.

Lightly armoured steel walls protect the missiles once inside the shelter and the Turtle is equipped with an emergency diesel pump so that it can operate independently.

Source: Flight Daily News