TWIN COMMANDER Aircraft (TCAC) has introduced a programme to rebuild 690-series Twin Commanders to as-new condition. Two "Renaissance Commanders" have already been sold and a restored aircraft will be exhibited at the US National Business Aircraft Association convention in September.

The factory-authorised rebuild is the latest in a series of upgrades for the Rockwell-designed Twin Commander which have been introduced since TCAC acquired the rights to the aircraft from Gulfstream Aerospace.

An engine upgrade for AlliedSignal TPE331-powered 690-series turbine Commanders, approved in 1994, has attracted 20 customers so far, says TCAC.

TCAC's service-centre network is working on improvements, including four-bladed McCauley propellers and S-TEC autopilot. Flight-tests of a Lord active noise-control system have demonstrated a 10dB reduction in cabin noise, according to TCAC.

The company says that the "heavy wave" of airworthiness directives, which had previously hurt the Twin Commander's reputation, is now past.

Source: Flight International