Boeing will be able to certificate initial versions of the 787 without running a passenger evacuation demonstration, by piggybacking existing approvals for the 767 and 777. However, the plan for the proposed 787-10 stretch has not been finalised.

The airframer says the demonstration test will not be required for the 787-3/8 and -9 as the 787's internal layout "is so similar to the 767 and 777 and we have extensive test knowledge of the flow of passengers in those airplanes".

Boeing says analytical work is being undertaken and that the US Federal Aviation Administration "has agreed that this is sufficient for the currently defined models".

The FAA confirms it will not require a full-scale demonstration on the 787 "as we have had multiple full-scale demos on the 767 and 777 models". It adds that 787 exit arrangements and passenger numbers are similar to those models. "The substantiation will be based on those previous tests and new analysis specific to the 787."

Boeing says "the proposed 310-seat 787-10 has not been fully defined, so we have not yet had that conversation with the FAA".

Source: Flight International