Just two months after a Flybe jet lost unlatched engine cowl doors on take-off, another Flybe aircraft lost an engine access door in similar circumstances, investigators have disclosed.

The Bombardier Q400 had been departing Southampton on 22 April when it shed a forward access door from its right-hand engine. The door struck and damaged the leading edge of the wing, and the aircraft returned to the airport.

Flybe had been involved in a similar incident on 23 February after an Embraer 195's engine cowls had accidentally been left unlatched after routine maintenance in Jersey.

The Q400 had undergone overnight unscheduled maintenance and a check at Southampton before the early-morning departure.

In an inquiry report into the Q400 incident the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch says the door "had not been fully latched" following maintenance, adding that there was no evidence that the latches had failed.

Flybe introduced tighter procedures, particularly regarding security of engine cowls, after the Embraer incident and the AAIB reiterates these efforts by the carrier in its Q400 report.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news