Two familiar names from Farnborough's past returned to their old stamping ground yesterday.

Neville Duke and Peter Twiss both visited the show to sign new editions of their classic autobiographies at the Glendale International Stand in Hall 2 (A2).

Duke, the author of ‘Test Pilot', is best remembered as Hawker's chief test pilot, for briefly taking the World Speed Record, and for some memorable Hunter aerobatic displays at Farnborough during the 1950s.

The book details Duke's entire flying career, from flying Spitfire Vs from Biggin Hill and Kittyhawks in the desert right through to his ongoing involvement in the Optica programme.

Twiss is also a former World Speed Record holder, having become the first man to exceed 1,000mph (1,600kph) in the Fairey Delta 2, and his book, ‘Faster than the Sun' details the record flight and the rest of his career.

Twiss stopped flying and joined Fairey Marine after the company's aviation division was absorbed by Westland.

You can buy signed copies of both books from the Wingman Aviation shop on Hinaidi Way West, stand A11.

Source: Flight Daily News