Russia and the United Arab Emirates have signed a $500 million deal to supply KB Priborostroyenie (KBP) Pantsir S1 close-in air defence systems, which combines guns and missiles.

The Russian Government says deliveries will "last for several years". Details of the number of systems and the configuration to be delivered have not been released.

Developed by Tula-based KBP, the Pantsir S1 (SA-19 Grison) is a development of the tracked-vehicle mounted Tunguska-M1.

The Pantsir can be mounted on a tracked or wheeled chassis with the missiles mounted on a turret in batteries of eight or 12 rounds alongside two 30mm twin barrel guns capable of a 5,000 rds/min rate of fire. Also mounted on the turret are the fire control radar and an optical guidance system. The 9M311M high-speed missile has an 18km (11 miles) engagement range.

Source: Flight International