United Arab Emirates authorities are denying that the Gulf state has opened its airspace to Qatari aircraft, following a NOTAM route amendment.

NOTAM information had advised of a newly-created temporary route within the UAE flight information region for Doha-bound aircraft.

But the UAE's General Civil Aviation Authority insists that the airspace concerned is "above international waters" and is simply "managed by the UAE".

Under the NOTAM the access route, above the Arabian Gulf, connects Iranian airspace to Bahraini.

The GCAA says it still "denies the opening of sovereign airspace" for transit by Qatari aircraft. The UAE has imposed a ban on Qatari flights in co-operation with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt.

Egyptian NOTAMs also show that temporary routes have been established for Qatari flights operating between Beirut and North African destinations.

These cover a Mediterranean track between waypoints identified as RASDA, GESAD and RAKMU, with assigned altitudes of 30,000-31,000ft.

Source: Cirium Dashboard