The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has completed a workshop with a number of general aviation associations aimed at developing a partnership to advance GA safety performance.

The workshop launched action on the GA part of the CAA's overall Safety Plan for UK Aviation, published earlier this year.

The plan sets out three broad priorities for GA: a reduction of mid-air collisions; improving decision-making by pilots; and mitigating the effects of wake turbulence caused by large aircraft and wind turbines.

Partner organisations include: the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association; the British Balloon and Airship Club; the British Gliding Association; the British Helicopter Association; the British Microlight Aircraft Association; the General Aviation Safety Council; the Helicopter Club of Great Britain; and the Light Aircraft Association.

The CAA said: "Although the UK has a comparatively good general aviation safety record, participants at a recent workshop at the CAA's Gatwick headquarters suggested there are likely to be areas where improvements could be made."

The initiative will use research and data to help identify and prioritise safety issues.

The CAA predicts that "a more proportionate emphasis in the general aviation community will emerge along with any safety improvement strategies that might be identified".

Source: Flight International