The UK Defence Research Agency (DERA) has carried out fit compatibility tests of Avpro's Exint pylon-mounted pod, designed to carry soldiers or downed aircrew.

The trials, carried out on 4 September, confirmed the pod's suitability for carriage by the British Aerospace Harrier.

The pod was developed primarily for the combat search and rescue role by the London-based design agency, but is also suitable for the special forces insertion role. Weighing around 200kg (440lb), Exint (exit/infiltration) is capable of carrying around 240kg, or up to two people. The pod contains its own power source, environmental control systems, instrumentation, and an emergency parachute and airbag system in case the aircraft should need to drop the pod.

The system exists only in mockup form, but a trial pod will undergo flight testing with a fully instrumented dummy in the final quarter of this year, if Ministry of Defence funding is forthcoming.

Source: Flight International