It is interesting to note the number of successful commercial aircraft designs emanating from the UK: the first jet propulsion aircraft in commercial service, the first supersonic commercial aircraft and finally the BAE Systems Avro RJX.

These aircraft did not sell much globally due to management failure, not engineering problems.

The marketing of such leading designs should have been straightforward. After all, the UK was, when these aircraft emerged, the leading country in aviation, and uses the dominant commercial language.

Management nowadays are often head-hunted, write their own contracts, collect a large salary and receive bonuses and share handouts. Then, after publication of the first accounts, they move on.

The industry is now dominated by management loyal to themselves and shareholders instead of by engineers who were loyal to their company and proud of the product and the team effort.

Politicians were also partly responsible for the failure of the aircraft industry. Unfortunately the whole demise seems irreversible.

Tim Hodgson (Flight International, 15-21 January) said that Europe is nearby and offers a future for engineers. I agree. I have worked in Germany for 25 years where an engineer is far more respected.

Derek Gamble

Via email

Source: Flight International