UK industry minister Alun Michael and BAE Systems chief executive Mike Turner are to head a newly formed council to oversee implementation of the country’s aerospace technology and growth agenda.

The Aerospace Innovation and Growth Leadership Council is expected to address progress towards implementation of the national aerospace technology strategy, improvements in productivity, skills and training issues and environmental concerns, particularly in the light of last week’s launch of the UK’s Sustainable Aviation strategy, says the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC), which along with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will support the council.

“This new phase of the AeIGT [Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team] process will look to increase the pace of implementation and embed the drive for skills, innovation and productivity into all UK aerospace businesses,” says Turner.

The council is to meet twice a year and will be made up of senior figures from government including representatives from other government departments, as well as from industry, the regions and trade unions. Michael and Turner will decide who is to be involved, the SBAC says. It adds that the council will probably be made up of a similar team to the AeIGT executive.

Source: Flight International