One of the most comprehensive reviews of the UK Aerospace industry for more than 40 years has been completed with the issue of a joint DTI/ Industry Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team (AeIGT) report.

The report focuses on how the UK industry can best respond to global competitive challenges over the next 20 years.

Failure to face up to the challenges ahead would damage Britain's competitive edge with a serious risk that a thriving UK aerospace industry could face severe and rapid decline.

Commenting on the report, David Marshall, outgoing director general of the SBAC, says: "We, the industry, are committing ourselves to a programme of productivity targets which, by 2022 if not sooner, will be better than those of the USA - the world's largest aerospace nation. We will build on what we have already achieved, which has been, in part, supported by the DTI.

"Industry also recognises its environmental responsibilities to contribute towards a sustainable aviation industry over the next two decades"

Source: Flight Daily News