Italian seat manufacturer Avio Interiors chose the opening of the show to announce a partnership deal with British component supplier Commercial Aerospace Services (CASCO). CASCO will initially assist Avio with supply of components for UK customers whose aircraft are fitted with Avio Interiors seats and expects to take a longer-term role as general sales agent for Avio Interiors. Announcing the deal, Avio Interiors chief executive Franco Mancassola stressed the ongoing challenge to reduce the time aircraft spend on the ground. "Airline profits are measured in seconds and inches,² he said. "Our new slimline seats are gaining in popularity among airlines as they take less room in the cabin without compromising on comfort and legroom. Seats must always be in perfect working condition. "Having an organisation on call to make a replacement - whether it be an armrest or a backrest - is going to give great peace of mind to us and our customers.

"We chose to partner with CASCO because it is an extremely efficient and experienced after-sales organisation." CASCO already offers a 24h AOG support service from its West Sussex, UK base.


Chief executive Mike Farge sees interiors as a growth area for CASCO. "We have the service structure and the 24h capability to maintain interiors. Seats are possibly the most abused part of an aircraft. It's important they be maintained efficiently." Avio Interiors produces around 50,000 seat places each year – that's enough to fill some 350 aircraft. As Franco puts it, with his usual debonair style: "For passengers, seats are the most important part of an airline. The aircraft may or may not be on time, the hostess may be attractive, or not. The food is irrelevant. The seat is the critical factor for airlines and passengers."

Avio Interiors' exhibit at the show (Hall 2, Stand K8) includes a lie-flat prototype similar to the one recently selected by Singapore Airlines.

Source: Flight Daily News