Action to stamp out violent behaviour on aircraft has been promised by the UK transport minister, but he has handed to the airlines the task of organising research into the growing phenomenon of "air rage".

Following a meeting with airlines and interested organisations in London on 25 November, transport minister Dr John Reid announced that the government "-intends to amend the Air Navigation Order to prohibit airline passengers from interfering with the crew members carrying out their duties".

The move is meant to broaden the scope of onboard offences for which UK police can arrest and detain passengers when an aircraft lands at a UK airport. The government is also, says Reid, "-promoting international action to ensure that all states have the necessary legislation-to take action against offenders when they arrive at their airports, regardless of the aircraft's country of registration."

The British Air Transport Association is to design a more effective cabin event reporting system, with the database held by the police or the Civil Aviation Authority, so that increased knowledge could lead to better preventive measures by airports and airlines. The data analysis, it says would enable the association to judge whether further behavioural research might be appropriate.

Source: Flight International