Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) has signed a contract with the Russian ISC Kosmotras company to launch its new Uosat 12 Minisatellite aboard a modified SS-18 missile renamed the Dnepr.

Making the announcement yesterday, SSTL says the launch will be from Baikonur in 1999.

SSTL's FA-SAT Bravo microsatellite - featured in Hall 1 - was one of five international spacecraft launch as piggyback payloads on a Russia-Ukrainian Zenit 2 booster last July.

Kosmotras, another Russian-Ukrainian venture, is converting the SS-18 intercontinental ballistic missile into the Dneps, named after a Ukrainian river, to launch 4,000kg to low Earth orbit (LEO).

Equipped with an additional upper stage, the Dnepr will be able to carry larger payloads or reach higher orbits.

Source: Flight Daily News