Airbus's avowed intention to reduce the quantity of hydraulic and pneumatic systems on its A380 Super Jumbo has resulted in a variety of suppliers signing contracts to develop electromechanical solutions - both to reduce weight and improve maintainability and reliability.

Snecma Control Systems and Honeywell Aerospace have entered into an agreement with Hurel-Hispano to develop an electromechanical thrust reverser actuation system (E-TRAS) while Messier-Bugatti has proposed a new local electro-hydraulic generation system (LEHGS) which will have a full ‘brake-by-wire' system.

It's clear that the A380 won't simply be ‘another' large airliner, but a state-of-the-art machine, filled with mould-breaking technology that will enhance performance, reliability and passenger comfort.

Messier-Bugatti¹s pioneering ‘brake-by-wire' system - a world first - can be seen each day in the flying display when the Airbus A340-600 is demonstrated.

Source: Flight Daily News