The first-ever airbag for commercial aircraft is on display at Farnborough.

Manufacturer Airline Interiors chose Farnborough for its airshow debut and to show off a number of new products that make flying safer for commercial passengers.

The unique airbag system, fitted in front of the first row of seats behind a solid screen, is a boon to manufacturers as recent safety regulations meant that they were having to reduce the number of rows of seats on aircraft.

This new system, however, allows maximum seating while maintaining the safety of passengers.

Although just released, it has already been purchased by Jetstream to be installed from 1997.

The Californian firm is expert in this field as it makes side airbags for the BMW 7 series.

Another unusual system on the stand in Hall 2/A10/B is a new 16G commercial airline seat. The energy-absorbing leg system, manufactured by Simula and marketed by Airline Interiors, meets new FAA rulings on safety.

The novel system also limits energy transmitted into tracks in the aircraft so that seats are more likely to stay in position should the aircraft crash or stop suddenly, and is therefore safer for passengers.



Source: Flight Daily News