Graham Warwick/WASHINGTON DC

Universal Avionics has launched a bid to become a major supplier of flightdeck equipment for corporate and commercial aircraft with the introduction of its System-1 product line.

Building on its UNS-1 flight management system (FMS), Universal's System-1 includes flat panel displays, a terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) and two-way datalink. The Tucson, Arizona-based company says it has plans to add further products to the System-1 line, including autopilot and radios.

The first application for the new system is Universal's own Dassault Falcon 20B corporate aircraft, to be upgraded by Garrett Aviation Systems with dual UNS-1Ds, the Unilink datalink and flat panel displays. Three Universal 125 x 150mm multifunction displays stacked vertically in the centre of the panel will present engine, systems and other information.

The Falcon 20 will be equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 electronic flight instruments, but Universal is developing 200 x 250mm flat panel primary flight and navigation displays which will be added later to the System-1 line. The flat panel units are produced by Avionics Displays, and Universal has exclusive rights to market these for corporate and commercial aviation use.

The company is also offering a slimline touchscreen display, which can be stowed in the side console or mounted on an articulated arm, and which provides the pilot with a means of viewing charts, checklists and the TAWS terrain display.

Universal says its TAWS has unique features compared with other enhanced ground-proximity warning systems. In addition to presenting a plan view of the terrain around the aircraft, the system can display a vertical profile of the aircraft's flightpath compared with the terrain. Additionally, the system can combine flightpath intent data from the FMS with its terrain database to provide advance warning of a potential ground collision.

Meanwhile, Universal has extended the reach of its Unilink datalink by signing an agreement with Thrane &Thrane, giving it exclusive rights to market the Danish company's Inmarsat Aero-I satellite communications system for corporate and commercial aviation.

Universal's other new products include the UniVision cabin information system, which includes an internal modem to upload news and other information for display on a large flat panel screen.

Source: Flight International