Universal Avionics has received US Federal Aviation Administration supplemental type certification (STC) for its UNS-1K flight management system (FMS) on the Boeing 737-200.

The FMS was certificated for a fleet of 737s operated by Lithuanian Airlines and is a significant breakthrough in efforts to establish the UNS-1K as the basis for a global air transport system replacement for the Omega navigation system. The STC was obtained by ASM of Georgetown, Texas, for DAC International, a Banner Aerospace company which specialises in marketing Universal equipment to airline, regional and military markets.

The two have combined to offer the UNS-1K FMS integration kit as a "turnkey" solution to 737 operators looking for an Omega alternative. The kit involved in the current STC includes a single UNS-1K installation which is coupled to the autopilot and provides switching to display the FMS on both instrument panels. The UNS-1K works out a best computed position by analysing inputs from the integral 12-channel global positioning system (GPS) receiver, auto- scanning distance measuring equipment, and the aircraft's other navigation sensors.

Universal, which until recently has enjoyed most success with the UNS-1 series of FMS on corporate aircraft, says the -1K is certificated for GPS operation in en route, terminal and approach phases of flight. It adds that future growth capability with GPS precision approach will be possible when the company integrates its UNS-1K with its GLS-1250 GPS landing system, in flight test.

Source: Flight International