Air Canada has now confirmed that 10 passengers and crew were hospitalised after an incident on a flight between Victoria and Toronto on 10 January.

The Star Alliance carrier does not say what caused the injuries but passengers from flight AC190 are quoted as saying the Airbus A319 began to shake violently while cruising and lost altitude. The aircraft was diverted to Calgary where it landed at 08:30.

Air Canada says the A319 was carrying 83 passengers and five crew members. Ten people were hospitalised with “non-life threatening injuries”. Seven have since been released and the remaining two passengers and one flight attendant in hospital are in stable condition.

“We will be co-operating fully with the Transportation Safety Board to determine the cause of the incident,” says the carrier.

“We are very proud of the Air Canada flight crew of AC190 and our employees on the ground in Calgary for their professional response to this incident.”

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news