Three Boeing employees involved with the Turkish air force's Peace Eagle surveillance aircraft programme were among those passengers killed when a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 crashed on approach to Amsterdam Schiphol airport on 25 February.

Boeing confirms that Ronald Richey, John Salman and Ricky Wilson died when Flight TK1951 crashed. A fourth employee, Michael Hemmer, was injured in the accident, it says. According to information released by the Dutch authorities, all four were sitting in the 737-800's business class section.

Boeing says the men were returning to Seattle via Amsterdam after visiting Turkey in support of Boeing's delayed Peace Eagle programme, which will deliver four 737-700-based airborne early warning and control system aircraft to the nation's air force from next year.

"This is a very sad day for our company," said Boeing chief executive Jim McNerney in a 26 February statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues' families, friends and co-workers and with the families of everyone who was on the flight."

Additional reporting by Craig Hoyle in London

Source: Flight International