Russian manufacturer Rostvertol says it is making good progress with upgrade programmes for both the Mi-26 multi-role helicopter and the Mi-35 attack helicopter.

Rostvertol is exhibiting at Dubai under the banner of the Russian export agency Rosoboronexport and is keen to promote the technology upgrades which are taking the two aircraft to a new level of capability.

Rostvertol is working with Mil MHP to transform the Mi-26T into a platform that can operate round the clock and in all weather. The upgrade package will see the aircrew required to operate each helicopter reduced from five to two and will add night vision goggle compatibility and new cockpit systems to reduce crew workload.

The company says the upgrade will reduce direct operating costs as well as introducing features such as weather radar, a global positioning system and a moving map.


Meanwhile, another Rostvertol upgrade programme to create the Mi-35M is even more wide-ranging, involving new composite main rotor blades and tail rotor. The aircraft made its first flight last month.

The modernised Mi-35M features multi-functional liquid crystal displays, the 9K113M ‘Shturm-VM' ATGM armament system.

Rostvertol points out that the upgrade is designed to be completed in blocks so that various elements can be selected by customers ‘off the shelf'. NATO compatibility can also be achieved with the integration of Western avionics.

Source: Flight Daily News