Urban Aeronautics has started building a second prototype of its AirMule ducted fan unmanned aircraft.

Company president Dr Rafi Yoeli said the aircraft is being built in parallel to the continued improvements being made to a first prototype.

One of the major modifications to be introduced is the introduction of a double hydraulic system, he said.

Both aircraft will use a 940shp (701kW) Turbomeca Ariel 2 engine, he confirmed.

 Urban Aeronautics Air Mule UAV

© Urban Aeronautics

The second prototype is scheduled to begin test flights at the end of next year, but the exact date depends on financing. The Israeli company is still looking for more backing to enable it to complete the remaining phases in the programme.

The AirMule has a maximum take-off weight of 1,400kg (3,090lb) and an expected endurance of 5h, and is intended to perform tasks such as casualty evacuation flights. Maximum altitude will be 12,000ft (3,660m).

Source: Flight International