THE US AEROSPACE industry posted a positive trade balance of $25 billion in 1994, an 8% slip from the previous year's $27 billion surplus. Despite the decline, the industry remains the USA's leading exporter of manufactured goods, says the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA).

Total aerospace industry exports dropped by $2 billion, to $37 billion. The civil portion of exports fell by 6% ($1.8 billion), to $30 billion. Weapons exports fell by 4%, to $7.3 billion.

A $2 billion decline in commercial transport exports to $16 billion overshadowed gains in engine sales and general-aviation aircraft.

Imports of aerospace products rose 1.5% to $12.4 billion with civil imports rising $164 million to $8.8 billion and military imports holding steady at $3.6 billion.

Source: Flight International