US Airways has no plans to outsource heavy maintenance of its 15 Embraer E-190s in house.

The carrier's management outlined the aircraft maintenance plans in its weekly employee update, noting the carrier will not use a vendor to perform the heavy checks on the E-Jets.

During the last two years US Airways has cut its E-Jet fleet from 25 to 15, selling 10 E-190s to Republic Airways Holdings in October 2009. The number of heavy maintenance vendors for E-Jets dwindled in 2009 after Canadian MRO ExelTech went out of business and Empire Aero cut its staff. US MRO Pemco purchased ExelTech's tooling, which included equipment to support E-Jet heavy maintenance.

AAR has also previously said it was exploring options to offer heavy maintenance for the E-170/190 families.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news