BDM INTERNATIONAL, and International Air Safety have signed a memorandum of understanding to form a new company to pursue the market for automated air-traffic-control (ATC) and airspace-management systems.

The new company, BDM Air Safety Management, will bid for the US Federal Aviation Administration's pending STARS programme, under which it is planned to upgrade more than 240 terminal-radar approach-control (TRACON) systems.

McLean, Virginia-based BDM says that its STARS proposal will be based on the High Desert TRACON system, which was installed at Edwards AFB in 1994 to manage the civilian and military airspace over southern California.

The company also intends to pursue international satellite-based air-traffic-management programmes.

Washington DC-based International Air Safety is a financial-management company which provides "...resources to accelerate implementation of a significantly modernised and unified global air-traffic-management system", according to BDM.

Source: Flight International