Airshow Canada this year has the official endorsement of the US government, enabling it to take the title of Aerospace North America.

The show, which is held every other year, will stage its fifth appearance this year from 6-10 August at Abbotsford, British Columbia, not far from Vancouver.

Some 500 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors from 20 countries are expected to attend this year's show, which will also include a series of conferences and industry association meetings.

Flight International is sponsoring a technology and flight desk symposium, and the Air Transport Association of America will hold an engineering, maintenance and material council meeting.

US Department of Commerce approval of the show means that this event now enjoys the status of being the only major international exhibition covering all aspects of aerospace.

During the show, Flight International will run a competition in which readers can win entry tickets to the show by correctly identifying silhouettes of aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News