US safety regulators have ordered deactivation of oxygen generators installed in the lavatories in a range of transport aircraft.

The order cites a design issue which "presents a hazard that could jeopardise flight safety", but does not go into further detail as to the nature of the problem.

Europe's aviation safety authority, however, is not adopting a corresponding directive.

The FAA's order, which becomes effective on 14 March, involves removing the canisters or expending their supply of oxygen.

Oxygen generators are carried in lavatories in case depressurisation occurs while the facility is occupied.

Under the new directive flight crew will instead be briefed to ensure that the lavatories are specifically checked in the event of decompression.

European Aviation Safety Agency regulators state that the FAA directive "does not fall within the scope" of EASA's executive decision in 2003 covering implementation of airworthiness directives for parts designed in third countries.

As a result, it adds, "no corresponding EASA airworthiness directive can be issued on the same subject" for aircraft registered or operating in Europe.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news