A modified thrust reverser that reduces noise and augments thrust on Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 series engines is being offered to Boeing MD-80 operators by Las Vegas-based Dugan Kinetics.

"A new stow position has been developed for the thrust reverser, where it has the new useful purpose during flight of adding thrust with no additional weight or fuel consumption. This position uses the reverser doors as an ejector during flight," says Dugan Kinetics marketing director Jack Dugan.

The EP-80 Ejector/TR surrounds the engine exhaust nozzle to suck the ambient air flow into its chamber causing this accelerated flow to mix with the engine's higher velocity exhaust flow. This mixing also reduces noise.

Dugan says the EP-80 Ejector/TR has been tested on an MD-80 and a Boeing 727.

"All tests have provided a total flight fuel savings range between 6% and 12%," he adds.

Source: Flight International