The US government is to file suit against Northwest Airlines and its affiliate Mesaba Airlines in a bid to force the resumption of air services to 13 cities affected by the continuing Northwest pilots' strike.

The suit is to be filed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Department of Justice, transport secretary Rodney Slater and attorney general Janet Reno said in a statement: "The suit is being filed because Northwest and its Airlink affiliate failed to comply with a DOT order requiring the carriers to reinstate service to 13 communities," the statement says.

"The departments seek an injunction requiring the immediate reinstatement of service to comply with the order.

The suit requires Mesaba to provide service to the communities, and Northwest Airlines to provide the necessary support for its Airlink affiliates to meet their obligations. The suit regarding Mesaba and Northwest Airlines will be filed in Federal District Court in Minneapolis."

Source: Flight Daily News