US Government investigators have found no evidence that the UPS Boeing Boeing 747-400 freighter which crashed in Dubai two months ago was brought down by sabotage.

While the Government has kept an open mind since the 3 September accident, in light of the discovery of explosives on a US-bound UPS freight flight, and claims of responsibility for the loss of the 747, internal documentation is playing down the possibility of terrorist involvement.

Neither the FBI nor the Department for Homeland Security would comment on the documentation.

But an official source familiar with the situation says: "We are continuing to take another look at the Dubai crash but nothing thus far has indicated any nexus to terrorism. The available information continues to indicate that the crash was an accident."

The source adds that the claims of responsibility for bringing down the UPS flight are "not surprising".

But he also points out that the United Arab Emirates investigation team has similarly found nothing pointing to a deliberate attack on the 747, which crashed while attempting to return to Dubai following an on-board fire warning.

Both pilots on the UPS flight were killed in the accident.

Police in the UK have determined that the explosives found on the UPS flight at East Midlands Airport could have detonated while the aircraft was en route to the USA.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news