The US recession in general aviation has claimed another victim, with Micco Aircraft suspending production of its SP20 and SP26 two-seat light aircraft while a buyer is sought for the company.

The first SP20 was handed over last year, and 16 have been delivered, with 12 more on order. Fort Pierce, Florida-based Micco has been instructed by its owners, the Seminole Native American tribe, to find a buyer for itself.

To cut costs while a buyer is sought, the company has suspended production and laid off all but 20 of its workforce.

Micco was formed as New Meyers Aircraft in 1994 to return the Meyers 145 aerobatic trainer, certificated in 1948, to production.

The SP20 is an improved version of the 145, while the SP26 is a more powerful variant for which aerobatic certification is pending.

The company hopes to restart production in the second quarter of next year.

Source: Flight International