Texas Instruments has received $236.4 million from the US Navy to begin engineering and manufacturing development of the Joint Stand off Weapon (JSOW) unitary warhead.

The AGM-154A unitary warhead is a variant of a family of smart weapons designed to provide the USN with stand off attack capabilities. The next-generation glide bomb was previously known as the Advanced Interdiction Weapon System (AIWS).

The baseline AGM-154A will carry BLU-97A/B combined-effects sub-munitions. The USN may also arm the JSOW with BLU-108 sensor-fused weapons armed with skeet anti-armour sub-munitions.

The unitary weapon will come with a terminal-seeker and a 227kg (500lb) warhead.

A propulsion system is being considered for the JSOW, which currently operates in glide mode.

Source: Flight International