The first training devices for the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet have been delivered to NAS Leemore, California, where the US Navy is training the first operational pilots for its newest fighter.

L-3 Communications has delivered a new E/F tactical operational flight trainer (TOFT) and upgraded F/A-18 weapons tactics trainer (WTT), while BAE Systems has handed over a part-task trainer.

Boeing, meanwhile, as prime contractor for the training system, has received a $100 million US Navy contract to upgrade a suite of F/A-18 maintenance trainers to E/F configuration, procure an additional set of trainers and update a second WTT.

The TOFT is the first simulator to feature L-3's SimuSphere visual display system. This five-faceted rear-projection display provides a 300í horizontal by 70í vertical field-of-view in a space small enough to fit within a squadron office.

The WTT is an F/A-18C device, with a 12m-diameter, 360í field-of-view dome display, with the aerodynamic, flight control, engine, avionics and system simulations updated to represent the new F/A-18E.

The part-task trainer provided by BAE Systems Flight Simulation and Training is a non-motion device which will be used for weapons, radar and avionics procedures training.

n Bell Boeing has received a $16.8 million contract to provide an additional flight simulator for the US Marine Corps' MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor transport.

Source: Flight International