Would be regional aircraft manufacturer Alliance Aircraft is still endeavouring to line up the $660 million in financing it requires to launch its proposed SL200/300 family of 70-90-seat jets. In a move to attract local support it has resolved to move its planned operation from New Hampshire to a site in West Virginia and a second location, yet to be chosen.

"We're in the process of closing financing for the SL200/300, as well as the smaller SL100, and should make an announcement at the Paris airshow," Alliance president Earl Robinson claims. "We are currently surviving on independent investments," he adds, but concedes that a number of executives among the company's 53 workers have gone unpaid. The company has to date spent $14 million on initial design work.

Robinson claims to be in discussions with a single investor to provide $410 million, and has lined up another £250 million from potential partner suppliers to complete development of the SL200/300. The company needs another £320 million to launch the 35-50-seat, three-abreast SL100, which would be produced in the new Martinsburg, West Virginia site. The 5-abreast SL200/300 is likely to be built at the second site.

Source: Flight International