A British Aerospace Jetstream 31 is to be used to shuttle US NASCAR motor-racing teams between events.

The 19-seat aircraft has been purchased from BAe Asset Management - Turboprops (AMT) by Southern Pride Trucking, for use by Greensboro, North Carolina-based Petty Enterprises. The aircraft will be delivered in October after refurbishment, and repainting in the Petty NASCAR livery, by Arkansas-based Reebaire.

BAe AMT is offering Jetstream twin turboprops for corporate-shuttle and on-demand charter operations as they come off lease to regional airlines. Corpac Canada, which operates two 31s on a Calgary-Edmonton shuttle service for Canadian telephone company Telus, has purchased a third for charter operations. Corpac already uses a Jetstream 32 for charters.

Brisbane, Australia-based Pearljet has purchased a 30-seat Jetstream 41 to provide contract air services to the Osborne gold mine in north Queensland. The aircraft will be operated by Pearljet division Jetcraft Aviation on behalf of resources group Placer Pacific.

Nashville, Tennessee-based Corporate Express Airlines has received the first enhanced-performance J32EP. The wing upgrade, developed by BAe AMT, increases hot-and-high payload. Corporate Express, which operates 13 J32s, with seven more on option, plans to upgrade its entire fleet.

Source: Flight International