Lancair has received US certification for the "all-electric" Columbia 350 four-seat light aircraft. Deliveries are expected to begin by mid-July. The normally aspirated aircraft is based on the all-composite Columbia 300, but with a dual-bus electrical system allowing elimination of the vacuum system and enabling incorporation of new avionics, starting with the Avidyne FlightMax Entegra flat-panel flightdeck, available as an option on the 350.

The Columbia 350 has improved heating and ventilation, better interior finish and provision for future de-icing and air-conditioning system options. The all-electric 350 forms the basis for the turbocharged Columbia 400, now in flight test and due for certification in late August. The Entegra flightdeck, with large-format primary flight and multifunction displays, is being flight tested on the 400, with the North Coast Technologies ThermaWing electro-thermal de-icing system.

Certification of the Columbia 350 was delayed from April when the new smaller, lighter alternator developed problems late in flight testing. Lancair reverted to a proven belt-driven alternator, delaying certification of the 350 and the 400.

Source: Flight International