Boeing and Lockheed Martin have received contracts from the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA)to lead integration in the USA's missile defence activities. Lockheed Martin, meanwhile, has won a US Navy contract to develop an element of the Sea-Based Midcourse Defense (SMD) radar suite.

Selection of the two companies for the so-called national team contracts is intended to bring multiple MDA programmes together in a single multi-layer shield.

Boeing has been awarded an initial $23.9 million contract for systems engineering and integration, while Lockheed Martin has received $23 million for the development and integration of the battle management, command, control, and communications system.

Lockheed Martin Naval Electronic & Surveillance Systems has received a $420 million contract from Naval Sea Systems Command to develop a prototype SPY-1E solid-state, S-band Aegis radar for SMD.

A prototype will be ready for testing in 2006.

Source: Flight International