[Corrected version removes "armed" from the description of the AC-208 purchased by Lebanon. The Lebanese Air Force ordered the reconnaissance version.]

Alliant Techsystems (ATK) will deliver a second AC-208 Combat Caravan to the Lebanese air force under a contract worth nearly $14.7 million awarded on 12 January.

The contract was signed by the US Air Force, which is donating equipment for Lebanon to use in operations against insurgent forces.

The new aircraft will join a first AC-208 delivered to Lebanon nearly three years ago, according to the Lebanese military's website. Delivery of the second aircraft is scheduled in 2013.

Iraqi air force AC-208 Combat Caravan

© US Air Force 

The Iraqi air force has received 11 C-208 turboprops modified by ATK

The AC-208, a militarised version of the Cessna Caravan utility aircraft, is modified with sensors and defensive countermeasures. ATK's marketing materials indicate more "weapons [are] coming soon", but does not identify them.

ATK equips the Combat Caravan with an L-3 Wescam MX-15D electro-optical/infrared sensor. An ATK-developed STAR fire control system allows an onboard operator to attack targets identified on the MX-15D.

Lebanon is the second acknowledged customer for ATK's AC-208. The Iraqi air force has received 11 C-208 turboprops modified by ATK. Three serve as reconnaissance aircraft and five are assigned as trainers, and three other AC-208Bs are armed.

ATK launched the Combat Caravan programme in 2008, and delivered the first aircraft to Iraq within 11 months of contract award.

Source: Flight International