US AIR FORCE McDonnell Douglas F-15E crews scored six direct hits with six launches of Rockwell's AGM-130 stand-off weapon, and 11 hits with 12 drops of the company's GBU-15 glide-bomb, in tests at the Utah weapons range.

In similar tests in 1994, General Dynamics F-111F crews scored seven hits from seven AGM-130 launches and F-15E crews scored 19 hits out of 20 GBU-15 drops.

USAF AGM-130/GBU-15 programme-office director Col Frank DeLuca says that the latest AGM-130 test "...brings the total production-weapon launches to 26, with a 100% scoring record...The AGM-130 is the most reliable weapon-system that the Air Force has in inventory today." The AGM-130 and GBU-15 are used with Hughes Aircraft's AXQ-14 datalink pod.

Source: Flight International