MORE US AIR FORCE Boeing KC-135 training devices are to be upgraded. Motion systems have already been added to two fixed-based KC-135 operational flight trainers (OFTs), and two more are being upgraded.

Now the computers will be replaced in all 19 OFTs, new instructor stations installed and the devices prepared for future upgrades.

The USAF is upgrading its transport/tanker-aircraft simulators to meet US Federal Aviation Administration training standards, in an effort to provide airline-grade crew training. FlightSafety International operates the USAF's KC-135 aircrew-training system and is upgrading the simulators which are now used.

New IBM E20 host computers will be installed, along with upgraded software. A new instructor station with dual touch-screen displays, and software based on that developed for use on FlightSafety's commercial flight-simulators, will be installed on all the upgraded KC-135 OFTs.

Source: Flight International