The US Marine Corps is overhauling its simulator based training, starting with opening a Bell, Boeing and FlightSafety International MV-22B Osprey centre that establishes the foundation for a networked training system for fixed- and rotary-wing types at different bases and potentially with other services.

Unlike earlier USMC simulators, the full-motion flight simulators (FFS) are the equivalent of commercial Level D systems and contain a high level of commercial-off-the-shelf technology. They will be capable of covering more than 50% of pilot training requirements compared to less than 10% on current simulators and will also be used to develop operational tactics, techniques and procedures.

The new FFS and fixed training devices also introduce a common visual database for all USMC simulators. "This is a blueprint for Marine Corps aviation. We've a lot of other programmes watching what we do. The [Bell] H-1 programme is right behind us looking to do the exact same thing," says Lt Col Ken Fransher, V-22 training programme manager.

Source: Flight International