Graham Warwick/WASHINGTON DC

Lockheed martin is to build 17 flight simulators for a range of US Marine Corps aircraft under a contract potentially worth $300 million.

Under the Marine Corps Aviation Simulation Master Plan contract, Lockheed Martin Information Systems (LMIS) will produce containerised, transportable, aircrew procedures trainers (APTs) for the BellAH-1W and UH-1N, Boeing F/A-18C/D, CH-46E and AV-8B, Lockheed Martin KC-130, Northrop Grumman EA-6B and SikorskyCH-53E. Delivery is to be completed by 2007.

The interoperable APTs will be used for tasks ranging from procedures training to mission rehearsal, at levels from individual aircraft to assault packages. The networked devices will be able to operate in a common synthetic training environment.

LMIS is also one of several companies selected by the US Navy to bid for simulation contracts potentially worth $485 million over the next eight years. The fiscal year 2000 Training Systems Contract is a mechanism to streamline procurement by limiting competition to pre-qualified vendors.

The initial phase of the programme includes the acquisition of new simulators for the upgraded EA-6B and updating the visual systems on Grumman F-14 and KC-130 simulators. Each contract will be awarded separately. The pre-qualified bidders are Boeing, Lockheed Martin and small businesses American Systems and SymSystems.

• Aero Simulation (ASI) has received a $12 million contract to produce two aircrew procedures trainers, for the Sikorsky VH-3D and VH-60N Presidential helicopters flown by Marine Corps squadron HMX-1. Tampa, Florida-based ASI has produced a CH-46EAPT for the USMC and is working on a Grumman C-2A operational flight trainer for the US Navy.

Source: Flight International