Frontline Aerospace has announced that its unmanned air vehicle, Vertical take-off and landing Swift Tactical Aerial Resource (V-STAR) has completed wind tunnel tests at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, DC.

The V-STAR is a ducted fan UAV that has been proposed for a naval surveillance role, emegency medical evacuation and the resupply of frontline troops with its expected maximum payload of 180kg (400lb).

Using two Rolls-Royce Model 250 series II C20B turboshaft engines, a diamond box wing and a ducted pusher propeller, the full-size VSTAR could cruise at 15,000ft (4,500m) and 288kt (155km/h) and have a range of 1,045km (565nm), says Colorado-based Frontline Aerospace.

"I am pleased with both our water and wind tunnel data. This allows for the fine-tuning typical of any aircraft design, and we are increasingly confident V-STAR will perform as intended," says Frontline Aerospace's chief designer, Darold Cummings.

The V-STAR previously completed water tunnel testing at the Rolling Hills Research in California. The water and wind tunnel tests will help to prepare the UAV for sub-scale flight tests expected to begin in 2009.

Source: Flight International