Leading kitplane manufacturer Van's Aircraft has launched development of its first four-seater, the RV-10. Sales of the kit are not expected to begin for at least two years. Aurora, Oregon-based Van's began delivery of its improved RV-7 two-seat kitplane earlier this year.

The RV-10 is being designed as a touring aircraft capable of carrying four passengers and their baggage and offering good cross-country performance. The aircraft will have fixed tricycle landing gear and, unlike the company's other kitplanes, will not be aerobatic. Van's has shipped more than 6,000 RV-6 two-seater kits.

The aircraft is being designed around Textron Lycoming piston engines ranging from the 150kW (200hp) IO-360 to the 195kW IO-540. The airframe will be metal, using the simplified "matched-hole" assembly method introduced with the RV-7. Cost of the completed aircraft is expected to be in the "mid-$60,000" range.

Source: Flight International