Diamond Airborne Sensing has clinched a contract from the Venezuelan government for six DA42 Multi Purpose Platform (MPP) piston twins.

The aircraft, which will be used for airborne law enforcement operations, will be equipped with Polytech Cobalt 350 turret-cams, which include daylight and thermal imagers and a Scotty SATCOM downlink.

Diamond Airborne Sensing, a sister company company of Austrian airframer Diamond Aircraft, says it "has a long list of potential customers interested in operating the DA42MPP.

The platform has been designed to carrying multi-functional aerial sensor equipment while offering "extremely low operating costs".


A fully equipped DA42 MPP can operate in all weather conditions and at a wide range of speeds, from 75-152kt (140-280km/h).

The aircraft can fly for up to 12.5h without refuelling and has a maximum range, at 50% power, of more than 2,500km (1,350nm).

Source: FlightGlobal.com