Hugh McAtear

Indonesian aircraft manufacturer IPTN has received a welcome boost with news of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) from Venezuelan regional carrier Air Venezuela to acquire up to eight N250s, an aircraft described by the airline's chairman as perfect for its requirements.

Should Air Venezuela firm up its order for four of the 70-seat turboprops, with an option on a further four, it will become the first airline customer for the type in South America.

The airline's interest in the N250 first became public in an interview with Air Transport Intelligence two weeks ago, when airline president William Medina said the N250 is the only modern turboprop airliner that might offer the combination of the large passenger cabin and high cruising speed it requires.


The news is welcome in Indonesia, where recent press coverage has concentrated on the environmental fallout from forest fires and the impact of the currency crisis.

Dr Ing Ilham A Habibie, IPTN executive vice-president (Airplane Business Unit) and vice-president (N2130 division), dismisses the media reports speculating on a potentially adverse impact on the company's programmes.

On the opening day of the show in Dubai, he says: "The N250 programme is so advanced it doesn't need government funding and the N2130 twinjet is financed by a private enterprise.






Source: Flight Daily News