Pilots must sometimes feel they need eyes in the back of their heads. Not only do they need to fly their aircraft, but they sometimes need to keep a close watch on passengers too. And what about baggage getting loose in the cargo hold?

Vidair (Stand E24, Hall 2C) is demonstrating its new Infotainment Monitoring System (ITMS), an aircraft broadband cable network that can link a wide variety of different devices - video, DVD, audio, passenger laptops and even small video cameras.

The system could allow passengers to select external views, or the crew to keep an eye on movements in the cabin or the hold.

In an executive aircraft with no cabin crew it would help the pilots to check on the comfort of their passengers.

Vidair offers a range of other onboard systems, including _a cargo monitoring system and a digital flight view recorder (DFVR). It also offers surveillance systems for aircraft parked on the apron.

Source: Flight Daily News